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We all have things we must prepare and share with the world.

Dive into the story of performance, and learn to share your story.  

Each class you take here is special. Learn from experts and evolve your performance. Learn the tools, techniques, and tactics proven through audition-winning experience and cognitive science research to refine your story and storytelling. All the world's a stage.  Come, play with us!

Featured Trainer: Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen

“I am now a true believer in Fearless Performance training. It was the missing piece I needed to convey my story and to take my performance in auditions to the next level! I knew I needed something to help me get my excerpts to convey my story and Jeff has helped me discover my own voice and figure out how to tell it under any circumstance without being affected by nerves! I would highly recommend fearless training for anyone trying to take their performance to the next level, whether it's on the horn or anywhere in life!”

David Cooper
Chicago Symphony Orchestra Principal Horn


Musician Mindset Live Podcast

Catch Musician Mindset LIVE on the Canadian Brass Facebook page every Friday at 12:30 PM ET.

Insightful personal stories from many of the world’s greatest performers. Having dealt with serious performance anxiety himself, Jeff uses his wisdom and wit to pick the brains of our favorite inspirational people. How does anyone work on their art and craft at incredibly high standards, and then consistently walk in-front of an audience and perform their best? Canadian Brass hornist and IU professor of music Jeff Nelsen dives deep into the thinking, training, failing, and recovering experiences of world-class musicians, actors, magicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, and more.


The OPT Collective: Future home to Musician Mindset show notes and quotes.

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Fearless Performance Training Seminar


Got Fear? Learn the Fearless Performance System to perform your best version on your first version for any upcoming performance or audition.

By: Fearless Performance LLC

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Training in Thirds


Your exact training blueprint to consistently share your best performances.

By: Fearless Performance LLC
& Musician's Playbook LLC

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Fearless Performance 101

The FREE Mini Course


Master your performance training prep in 7 days, with each step delivered directly to your inbox.

By: Fearless Performance LLC
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Three Big Ideas on Fearless Performance

By Jeff Nelsen
Fearless Performance LLC

High Performance Tools & Inspiration

By Katy Webb
Musician's Playbook LLC

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